Interface technology

For a sport where feel is intimately connected to performance, the interface between rider and bike is vital.

The importance of a good chamois is easy to discern: padding without bulk provides comfort for long miles in the saddle and protection against chafing; material choice drives ventilation and moisture management.

These are the hallmarks of the best designs and SUGOI continues to innovate and lead by constantly improving the ergonomic interface of our proprietary chamois designs through pressure relief, vibration dampening, moisture management, and breathability.

Less well known is the importance of another key interface: the one between your hands and the bar. SUGOI’s chamois technology has been expertly leveraged into our glove line, offering the same features and benefits - pressure relief, vibration dampening, moisture management, and breathability. Whether you demand race-calibre equipment or simply require comfort and control, SUGOI’s engineered lineup of products designed for the interface between bike and rider injects performance into any ride. We have a range of interface solutions to ensure all day comfort for all types of riding applications.


SUGOI’s Interface Metrics system is an intuitive way to select from a range of interface solutions while ensuring comfort for all types of riding applications.


Sugoi Interface Technology



Formula FXE interface is the epitome of race day gear for the elite level rider. It is characterized by strategic vibration dampening and ventilation that provides incredible mobility and numbness relief.


Sugoi Interface Technology FXE



Formula FX interface has additional padding for all day training rides, but still maintains it’s incredible numbness control to keep you comfortable all day long.


Sugoi Interface Technology FX



RC Pro interface provides numbness relief and padding for the recreational rider looking to stay comfortable while riding.


Sugoi Interface Technology RC Pro



A recreational interface for riders who appreciate value and comfort, without compromising SUGOI quality.


Sugoi Interface Technology RC100

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